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A POF Love Story from Jane & Andy

Jane: Andy messaged me first “Hi how are you? My name is Andy been single a while now. I’ve got 3 children, all independent. Time for me now!! It would be great to hear from you x

Andy: Our very first conversation was about the dates we had been on and the lessons we had learned. We decided to meet at the Red Lion Pub for our very first date.

Jane: It wasn’t until date two that I saw there was a lot more to Andy than met the eye which turned out to be true and  on date three, we had been to see the show Motown and happened to get lost in the rain. We laughed a lot. We both chatted about what we loved, including a mutual love of Greek food and low and behold, we looked up and we happened to be standing outside a Greek restaurant!

Andy: It was at the Motown show where I knew Jane was the one. I spent more time watching her than the show!

Jane: After the show we decided to go for a stroll. Andy told me more about his life and how unhappy he had been until he made some big changes and so far hadn’t looked back. His story confirmed what I already knew, that he was an absolute hidden gem.

I knew that night I would marry him.

The day after Motown we booked a trip to Spain together and it was the best thing we could have done as we got on magically on that vacation.

It’s Andy’s calmness and steadiness which compliments my impulsiveness and impatience perfectly. We just naturally bring out the best in each other. We have the most brilliant chemistry and became really good mates very quickly which was really important for both of us.

Andy: Jane makes me think about myself and is helping me to become a better person without forcing anything. She has an infectious personality and I absolutely love her positive attitude about everything.

Jane: I love it that Andy is so kind, calm and makes me feel so secure. He’s a lot of fun and is the most loving, caring and genuine man I have ever met. He really has no idea how lovely he truly is.

Congrats Jane + Andy! These two will be tying the knot December 2018.

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