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Best Vacation Ideas for New Couples

Ah, the start of a new romance. It’s a wondrous stage wherein you feel that you’re the first two people to have found love in the history of the world. You’ve taken all the first steps; stayed up too late talking about your childhood, meeting the parents, sex with the lights on. What a time to be alive! This may be well and good, but you’re ready to level up, dammit. You feel comfortable, secure in your newfound relationship bliss that the inevitable next step is to plan a trip.

Unbeknownst to the newly swooned, a vacation can be the best or worst thing for a new couple, it’s all in how you navigate it. You want to avoid testing the relationship, but it will surely be put to the test. You want to get out of your comfort zone, yet desire the effortlessness you feel with one another at home. From the honeymoon stage to falling in love to getting comfortable these tried vacation ideas are here for you.


Suggested for: The Hungry History Buffs

It’s true, Barcelona is as blissful as rumors suggest. A city that oozes charm, Barcelona is the perfect destination for a new couple. The views and the culture will amaze you! Stroll the streets of the Gothic Quarter, taking frequent tapas breaks. Shop with a gelato in hand on Las Ramblas. Revel in the pivotal, grandeur of the architecture. Go full tourist by jumping on a Hop On- Hop Off bus tour to see the city in its entirety. Be sure to take a night walking tour of the city where you will learn about Barcelona’s history, with a few ghost stories sprinkled in for good measure. And, definitely end off an evening by drinking cheap wine accompanied by fantastic live music at the Harlem Jazz Club. If you needed any more convincing, Barcelona is also a city that believes in the siesta, need I say more?


Suggested for: The Adventurous Couple

Remember those early first dates? The time your SO treated you to the best pho in the city? Now it’s time to try the OG. Starting in the south of Vietnam, procure yourself a sturdy motorbike. Travel through the towns of the Mekong Delta eventually making your way to Ho Chi Minh city to take in the rich culture of Vietnam. Pick up new hobbies, like kiteboarding in Mui Ne, snorkeling or scuba diving in Nha Trang. Using a bicycle as transportation, explore the charming town of Hoi An where you can also drink snake wine by night and have clothes made by day. Let yourself get lost in the overwhelming, bustling streets of Hanoi. Put your motorbike to the test as you ride the ever winding roads that make up the Hai Van Pass. All this before completing your journey in the Northern town of Sa Pa, where you can trek in Lord of the Rings-worthy mountains with the opportunity to stay with a welcoming Hmong Tribe family.


Suggested for: The Relaxation Seekers

Three syllables: treat yo-self. The all-inclusive exists for a reason, take advantage! Beaches – like the people – in Cuba are some of the best around. Enjoy Cuban cocktails with a side of clear water and more sun than you know what to do with. But, don’t hesitate to leave your resort. While iconic towns like Havana are worthy of a lengthy visit, Varadero is also a wonderful place to stop by. You can look forward to unexpected live music, handmade artistry, and the coolest car sightings. Bonus: if you catch wind that the Buena Vista Social Club is playing at a city nearby, take it as a sign that that is what you are meant to do that evening.


Suggested for: The Nature Lovers

The second largest country in the world, but the most beautiful. OK, yes, I’m completely biased. One of the (many) amazing things about Canada is the difference in scenery from province to province. Equally beautiful, the West and East Coasts vary in basic culture. If you are looking to see some of the West, the Canadian Rockies are a must. With an expansive opportunity to hike and see wildlife, explore in awe the jaw-dropping natural beauty of Canada on the Icefields Parkway. Banff is home to some of the most electric blue lakes in Canada. If you get your energy from nature, the Canadian Rockies will definitely excite you. A stunning, romantic vacation for the nature loving couple.

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