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This isn’t your average Tuesday, and these aren’t your average elections.

We’ve spent the last year rallying, speaking out, calling our representatives, and demanding action — but the time has finally come to make our voices heard.

Historically, young people are the least likely to vote. In fact, less than a third of them typically hit the polls for the midterm elections. It’s time to change those statistics. We want to help the younger generation understand the magnitude of this election and the power of their voice — because the world is listening. The majority of Tinder users are young, tuned in to social issues, and, together, they have the power to change the world.

That’s why we’re reaching out to the entire Tinder community — a community that can truly make an impact with their vote — to make sure they don’t ghost the midterm elections.

Get out and vote.

It’s the single-most important thing you can do today, and it’s easy as 1.2.3.

  1. Find polling sites near you
    Visit for details

2. Cast your vote
Go to the polls. Exercise your right. Use your voice.

3. Share the message
Tweet your pic of you leaving the polls with your “I voted” sticker. Hashtag it #EverySingleVote @tinder and tag a friend, or 50 friends…whatever you can do to get the message across. If you’re one of the first 200 people to participate, we’ll give you a little bit of time back with a free 30-minute Boost*. Once you make it through the line at the polls, your free Boost will bring you to the front of the line on Tinder ?

This isn’t your average Tuesday — Don’t ghost the midterm elections

*To receive one free Boost, tweet a photo of yourself with your "I voted" sticker, hashtag #EverySingleVote and tag @Tinder. Must be 18+ and U.S. resident. First come, first served limited to first 200 Tinder users. User must follow @Tinder and provide Tinder account details via DM for Boost to be granted.

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