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Holiday Do’s for Every Singleton

You’ve just finished up your holiday parties with family and friends and have the rest of the week booked off work. Not sure what to do with all your extra time? Get a head start on your New Year’s resolutions with this list of holiday DO’s!

Use a dating app to put yourself out there 

With the sheer volume of singles dating online today, there are so many great options right at your fingertips. Start your dating resolutions early and create a dating profile on Plenty of Fish. Forget about having a type, and start conversations with the people that genuinely share the same interests and hobbies as you. First time on a dating app and hesitant to initiate the conversation? No sweat, you can use Plenty of Fish’s in-app feature Spark. Spark let’s you comment on any part of the other user’s profile, helping you come up with a winning overcompensation starter!

Ask him or her out 

Don’t be afraid to ask that person you’ve gone on several dates with to join you for a friend’s dinner party or New Year’s Eve event. Use your best judgement of course, but if you are interested in the person and have enjoyed your time spent together, chances are he or she will want to be your date too. 

Leverage your days off over the holidays to schedule date night 

Since you have lots of time off during the holidays, you have no excuse that your “busy work schedule” is getting in the way of your dating adventures. Grab a casual coffee or drink with someone you have been chatting with. Keep it short to allow you to gauge the person before committing more of your time to them. Just be sure to practice safe behavior – arrange your own transportation, and meet in a public place like your local holiday market

Lean into Singlehood  

Skip the coupled parties and opt for a singles’ gathering where you can all relate – and potentially meet someone new. However, if all your friends are coupled up, don’t be afraid to rock your favorite holiday outfit and just attend solo. Chances are, you’ll have a great time, and potentially meet someone through a mutual friend. 


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