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Home for The Holidays – Singles Weigh In On Cuffing, New Year’s Kisses and Finding A Holiday Date

With festive holiday dinners on the horizon, Plenty of Fish conducted a survey to uncover how much the holidays impact one’s dating life. Are singles looking to roll solo to Xmas dinner, hooking up with their ex or planning their perfect New Year’s kiss?

Polling more than 2,000 singles, POF unearthed some very interesting trends.

Don’t ask a single person this

We all have that aunt, father or sibling that pokes and prods to find out who you’re dating and/or why you’re single, It’s quite simply one of the most frequently ask questions and arguably the most irritating. In the POF survey, we found that singles (28%) would much rather talk about the 2016 election results and politics at the dinner table than their own dating life (24%).

Cuffing season is in full swing

Nearly 45% of singles are looking for one thing this time of year – to cozy up with someone by the fireplace listening to the classic holiday tunes. A massive 74% of singles also admitted feeling lonely over the colder months and felt more pressure to have a date around this time. Perhaps this is why 32% of singles have hooked up with their ex over the holiday season. Whoops!

What are you doing New Years…New Years Eve

Ahhh that New Year’s kiss; both single men and women agree that sharing a smooch with someone special on New Year’s eve is most desirable, but it’s not the end of the world if they don’t end up locking lips. 17% of men; however said getting a midnight kiss is important and sets the tone for the whole year vs. only 10% of women.

Have you picked the person you want to share a New Year’s kiss with yet?

Holiday party date anyone?

Not sure who to ask to accompany you to your holiday or New Years Eve party? Don’t worry too much about securing your date for these types of events. Nearly three out of four singles have taken someone to a holiday party that they met on a dating app, and an equal amount have hooked up with someone at a holiday party. And more than 8 in 10 singles have brought someone to a holiday party on a first date.

Remember the holidays are a time to relax, kick up your feet and enjoy the time off work to feast on turkey and gab with your loved ones.

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