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Innovative Ways To Achieve Your Own Unique Wedding Style

The one-of-a-kind wedding look,  something that almost every couple wants to achieve. As desired as it is, though, completing that signature look is much easier said than done for most.

How often have you looked at a stunning wedding photo and wondered, “How on earth did they pull that off?” It might seem like magic, but it’s just a combination of careful planning and smart style choices.

Today, we’re going to demystify what it takes to achieve a unique wedding look and give you a few tips for planning your own.

Tips For Creating A You’re Unique Wedding Look

Go With A Theme:

Themes are a popular choice, and a very attractive one for many couples. Now, you may be thinking that because themes are hot right now, that must also mean they’re played out. No way you could do one without it coming off as stale, right? In truth, they open up a new world of possibilities.

Classic with a Twist:  The beach wedding is a tried-and-true option. Often, you’ll see lighter color palettes that incorporate blue, coral, and many softer hues. Why not mix things up with some green bridesmaid dresses and purple adornments? You can add in an analogous color for the decorations and then you’ve got a unique trio of colors that secures your personal to the beach theme.

Seasonal: Alternatively, you could go all out with a theme that is seldom, if ever, used. If you feel the rustic wedding is unoriginal, why not try an homage to your favorite media? Couples have taken a chance on everything from superhero weddings to Lego themed weddings, and succeeded in pulling the look off! You could even try a holiday theme like Halloween or Christmas. This will give you the chance to spruce up your design choices and enjoy the season all at the same time.

Unique Locale: Choose a special location. We’ve all seen weddings at the church or the vineyard, but how many have you seen on a mountaintop or a desert oasis? The choice in scenery will also give you some fresh design ideas for when you’re planning the wedding party’s look.

Throw In Some Extras: If planning an entire wedding around a particular theme seems exhausting, you could try adding one or two elements that guests will find refreshing and innovative. How about welcome/gift bags with handy items for your guests? A fantastic live band that can wow the crowd. Even something as simple as a signature cocktail can leave a lasting impression on your wedding guests. The Knot has a great article on unique wedding extras, and it goes to show you that your imagination is the limit!

It’s Time To Look and Feel Your Best!

And that means dressing for the occasion with quality wedding garments. Azazie is here to help you look your best, and we’ve got plenty of fashion tips if you need some suggestions on how to achieve that unique wedding style. Feel free to view our stunning collection of brides and bridesmaids dresses, along with accessories you might need to complete your look!

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