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Introducing Single, Swipe, Repeat

Cosmo + Tinder are presenting the podcast you never knew you needed

It’s no secret that Cosmo and Tinder have heard tons of dating stories, and tbh, we’re having a hard time keeping them to ourselves. That’s why we’re launching “Single, Swipe, Repeat,” a podcast to satisfy your curiosity with real stories from real people from coast to coast.

Our single years are filled with fun and adventure. They’re a time when we experiment, meet new people, try new things and, ultimately, figure out who we are and what we want – which is WHY we’ve partnered with Cosmo to hear real dating stories from young people across the country who are living their most fabulous single lives.

Who doesn’t want to know what it’s like dating an influencer without actually dating an influencer in LA? Or how people date in DC if they are not in politics? And we definitely want to know about queer culture in the bible belt. Spoiler alert: It gets complicated.

Each week, Cosmo’s sex & relationships director, Faye Brennan, will be joined by a new guest to be fearless champions of the single journey and spill the tea on the juiciest, funniest, and sometimes romantic dating stories from people slaying that single life.

Check out the show, wherever you listen to podcasts — listen up, pour yourself a glass of whatever, and tune into “Single, Swipe, Repeat.”

Single, Swipe, Repeat is now available via Apple Podcasts,
Spotify, Cosmo and more. Subscribe and stay up-to-date, with new episodes released every Tuesday in July.

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