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Kerby & Simon’s Plenty of Fish Love Story

Today we are excited to share a heartwarming success story we received just last week from two former Plenty of Fish members, Kerby and Simon. Simon had given up on finding love due to his experience in a past relationship, but it wasn’t long before Kerby changed his entire outlook on love and on life.

Simon: Kerby messaged me first.

I had given up on love and even promised myself I’d never get married again. I found myself messaging people on Plenty of Fish just looking for friends and casual companionship. I did have “looking for a relationship” on my profile, but in reality I wasn’t looking particularity hard.

I started casually reading profiles after work in the evenings and if I saw a profile I liked I’d just hit the favorite button. One night in May 2015, I happened upon Kerby’s profile.

She was single, pretty, geeky and self reliant. Her profile was detailed and not filled with #s or “if you are X then don’t bother.” Her profile was positive. I “liked” her profile, drank a few beers, watched Friends on Netflix and went to bed.

Kerby: What I love most about Simon is his sense of humor. I decided to message him because he had more than one sentence written in his profile.

Simon: The next morning I woke up and checked my email. It’s a bit of a ritual I have. I noticed I had a POF message from Kerby :).

Kerby: My message read: “Hi. I noticed you liked my profile. I checked yours out and you seem nice. Why didn’t you message me?”

Simon: I sheepishly sent back a message with the reply, “Sorry, I didn’t think you’d respond.” To my surprise, we exchanged emails back and forth for a week before deciding to meet. For our date, I made her sushi and we enjoyed each other’s company.

The next day, I got a notice from my job (I’m in the Canadian military) that I was being sent away for 3 MONTHS, a 16 hour drive from home and Kerby.

During the 3 month course, Kerby and I spoke on the phone nearly every night. When we didn’t talk, we texted. We learned so much about each other through conversation.

Kerby: It was so important for us to communicate every day during the 3 months Simon was away. I had missed him a lot even though we’d hadn’t even known each other for much time.

Simon: We talked about video games, Star Wars, our hopes and dreams. That’s when I knew she was the one. Everything just seemed to line up. Upon realizing she was the one, I decided I couldn’t just wait around, I promised myself I’d ask her out the very next time I saw her.

On the last day of my three month course, I hopped into my car and drove all day and all night to get to Kerby. I got home at 7 am and asked Kerby out as the sun came up. (This was Kerby’s favorite memory)

Kerby has done so much for me since then. She gave me back my confidence, shared my love of Star Trek…she even got me back on stage doing comedy with a group called Geeks Versus Nerds.

I asked Kerby to marry me on September 23, 2017 right before the show at Halifax Comic Con.

She said “Yes!”

Kerby: I’m so excited to get married to Simon and spend the rest of  our lives together.

For the full proposal, you can watch it here:

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