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Don’t fly solo.

We’re Tinder. We’re all about celebrating the single journey. But it’s not a journey if you never leave your couch. So when you’re ready to travel, let Tinder take you.

Fasten your seat belt. Our crew is ready to give you the trip of a lifetime.

Just hop on Tinder to meet people wherever you’re headed, find the underground scene, and never miss a connection again. We’re here to help you see the world and explore different cultures—to connect you with people who’ll show you all of the amazing things that only their corner of the earth has to offer.

> Air Tinder”>
Visit the Top 5 Tinder Destinations in the World

Your happiness is our priority.

Think of us as your trusted travel partner. Not the one who makes you get up at 5am to get the airport three hours before your flight departs, but the one who always gives you the window seat. So sit back, relax, and let us bring you some snaccs.

When you fly Air Tinder, you fly in style.

No middle seats. No crying babies. Must be 18 to board. If you’re traveling for business, we’re not your crew. We only serve those traveling for pleasure. This is a party flight: no sleeping, no complaining, no fishing for IG followers. Please pack light—our overhead bin space is limited, so we kindly ask that you check your baggage at the door.

Welcome aboard. You are now free to swipe about the cabin.

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