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Brush Set

Brush Set
Price = $360.00 USD
The limited edition Silver Collection luxury 16-piece brush set features the complete collection of Kylie’s favorite must-have makeup brushes. Each limited-edition set comes wrapped in a silver Kylie brush roll, perfect for storing your brushes at home or for taking your set with you on the go.

The Brush Set contains:
#1 Large Powder Brush (1.8 oz.)

Perfect for blending all over face and body powders.

#2 Large Stippling Brush  (1.5 oz.)

Multi-purpose face and body brush ideal for blending liquid or cream makeup.

#3 Medium Tapered Brush (0.9 oz.)

Perfect for applying your favorite Kylighter, Ultra Glow, or setting powder.

#4 Dense Powder Brush  (1.2 oz.)

Perfect for applying blush and bronzer powder to targeted areas.

#5 Angled Face Brush (0.8 oz.)

Perfect for blending out contour and for precise blush application.

#6 Rounded Blush Brush  (1.3 oz.)

Perfect for precise blush and contour application.

#7 Medium Stippling Brush  (0.8 oz.)

Perfect for blending liquid, cream or powder highlight.

#8 Small Fluff Brush  (0.4 oz.)

Perfect for applying highlighter and setting under eyes.

#9 Fan Brush  (0.4 oz.)

Perfect for gently sweeping your favorite powder highlight on cheekbones, bridge of nose, brow bone or cupids bow.

#10 Large Shader Brush  (0.4 oz.)

Multi-purpose face brush, perfect for applying color all over the eyelid or brow bone. Can also be used for nose contouring, and precise highlight application.

#11 Angled Blending Brush  (0.4 oz.)

Perfect for applying highlighter to brow bone and soft eyeshadow application.

#12 Medium Shader Brush  (0.4 oz.)

Perfect for applying all over lid powder.

#13 Small Shader Brush  (0.4 oz.)

Perfect for precise application of powder or cream eyeshadows or concealer.

#14 Concealer Brush  (0.4 oz.)

Perfect for cream or liquid application.

#15 Tapered Blending Brush  (0.3 oz.)

Perfect for applying and blending transition colors in the crease.

#16 Small Smudge Brush  (0.3 oz.)

Dome shaped brush, perfect for smudging eyeliner across lash line or for creating a smokey eyeshadow effect.

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